Starting May 2, 2022: 15-20% off, on in stock trailer parts, excluding in stock trailer axles, hubs, axle ubolt tie kits, which are 10% off. Tire and wheel assy’s, ubolts, bolts, nuts, etc., are excluded from this sale. Welcome to Stauter Boat Works, we carry marine supplies-galv. trailer parts-adhesives-steering cables and systems-fasteners and nails-batteries. Boat trailers can be ordered and we perform excellent trailer repair.  Get your boat and trailer ready for the season.  Boat trailer axles at competitive prices!!  We also sell, service, and repair Tohatsu outboard motors. To see what we have to offer, please feel free to explore our website. You can find our contact information at the bottom of all our menu pages. Breaking news:  Tom Lami , son of Gene Lami and nephew of Vince Lami has bought the Stauter-Built name, boat patterns, trademark logos. His business name is Stauter-Built Boats, Inc., located in Jay, Fl. His goal is to produce new Stauter-Built Boats in the future. Contact Tom Lami at 1-850-910-2525 for more information and check his website at www. stauterbuiltboats.com . We, at Stauter Boat Works, located in Mobile, Al., will still be offering all of our existing services to our customers.   Call 251-666-1152 or 251-666-7897.  In stock: Stauter Green paint in gallons/quarts. 

Prices depicted on items, are out of date prices.  Please call for current prices on items. 

   See you soon. We look forward to servicing your needs. Call us at 251-666-1152 or 251-666-7897. Thank you.

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